Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets can cause havoc in homes and offices. The most common causes of blockages are, foreign objects being flushed, too much toilet paper or defects in the sewerage pipe allowing tree roots to enter.

If the water level in the toilet is higher than usual do not flush as this can cause an overflow which can create flooding. If the toilet is overflowing turn off the water at the cistern.


There are two places in which a blockage can form. Your best case scenario is that the blockage has formed within the toilet itself. This can generally be fixed by simply using a plunger. Alternatively your blockage may have formed in the sewerage system and in this case a qualified trades person would need to use a equipment such as a jetrod or electric eel To contact a professional plumber to clear your blockage click here.


If you are unsure about unblocking your toilet be sure to contact a qualified plumber immediately. Do not attempt to reach into the toilet with your hands without gloves. Do not attempt to put you arm into the toilet under any circumstances.